our story

After losing two beloved Goldens to cancer in less than a year, we asked ourselves, “what if our dogs aren’t getting the wholesome nutrients they really need? What if what we’re feeding them is actually doing more harm than good?” When Mazey, this sweet, smiley, porch-leaping puppy entered our lives in 2011, we knew we had to get some answers or risk losing her, too.

Over the next year, we dug into the ingredients and spoke with nutritionists and veterinarians across the country. Among the ingredients we found hiding in nearly all dog products - even the most “natural” ones - were sawdust, sweepings from the manufacturing floor, toxic parabens, artificial preservatives and allergy-laden glutens and grains.

Mazey deserved better, so we dedicated ourselves to carefully creating and perfecting far better options, ensuring each ingredient serves a specific purpose and meets our exacting standards.  We’re proud and excited to share these products with you, as well; designed to help nourish, empower, recover and improve moments and movements for all of life’s daily adventures. After all, it’s only the best for our best friend, Mazey, and yours.

Our commitment to you

✔︎ We will always put you, our customers, and your best friends first
✔︎ We use only simple, real, wholesome ingredients– even though it costs us more
✔︎ We never use artificial ingredients or preservatives, empty fillers or grains / gluten / corn / soy
✔︎ We carefully craft all of our products in small batches, right here in the USA
✔︎ We create recipes so delicious your dog will think they’re just enjoying a tasty treat
✔︎ We donate 10% of our profits each to year support pets and their families around the country